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Hi! I'm Megan, but most just call me Meg.


I'm a born Texas native, turned Southern California transplant since 2015 after earning my degree in Fine Arts. I've been honing my artistic skills and diving into the world of graphic design, marketing, videography and social media management for a solid decade now.


My journey as an artist has been a wild ride, intertwining my love for creativity with the structured world of design, both in digital and physical realms. I am constantly seeking new ways to blend imagination with the ever-growing age of tech.


When I'm not on the computer, you'll find me biking along the beach, crafting with whatever materials I can get my hands on, doing cartwheel or two, or capturing the love and laughter of couples as I film their special day.


These diverse passions not only keep me on my toes but also fuel my inner creativity, ensuring I'm ready to face whatever challenge comes my way.