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Growing up, I spent many of my years exploring different art forms. From drawing, crafting and painting, all the way to music making, filming and editing videos.


With the goal of fusing my hobbies into a career, I earned my Bachelor's degree in Fine arts at the Art Institute of Austin. After graduation in 2014, I moved to Los Angeles – where I've since grown with companies like Live Nation, TicketMaster and House of Blues.


In the spring of 2016, I started my own creative agency, Pearywinkle – specializing in web design, branding, photography and videography. With this freedom, I was able to grow and train professionally for 3+ years as a working actor. Additionally to commercial film and television, I also partner with companies on social media by providing creative content for their channel.


I'm so grateful and proud to be part of such a rewarding culture, filled with creative individuals and experiences. Through this, I'm able to tell a story while also helping others with their vision through my passions.


Follow along for more: visit @meggle on instagram.