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Growing up an hour north of Houston, I spent many of my years exploring different art forms to better express myself in the South. Starting early with doodling, drawing, lettering, general crafting, painting, dancing, cheering, tumbling (I never played sports) all the way to music making, filming, editing and acting.

With the goal of fusing all my hobbies into a single career, I spent 4 years in Austin getting my Bachelor's degree in Fine arts at the Art Institute. After graduation in 2014, I moved to Los Angeles – where I've since grown with companies like Live Nation, TicketMaster and House of Blues.


After some growth, I started my own freelance creative agency, specializing in design, art direction, photography and videography. With this freedom, I was able to train professionally over the recent years as a working actor. To supplement between filming, I perform with Enchanted Celebrations for kids.


Follow along for more: visit me at @meggle on instagram.